Real Estate Investor Marketing

Do you ever wonder how some investors get ahead? How do they know when to navigate the buy/sell market? What tools and strategies do they use? How do they manage to acquire leads without working 80 hours a week? Don’t feel overworked and overwhelmed. Outsource your real estate investing lead acquisition to professionals who have optimized the process. At Real Estate Investor Leads, we aim to help investors with every step of their business marketing. Our goal is to help you dominate your local market with our lead generation strategies and mastery of the industry.

As part of our introductory offer, we generate a list of leads for distressed property and motivated sellers in your local area. Our services are scalable to meet your business needs. No matter if you have recently started a small business or you are an investor with a large portfolio who is tired of tedious lead generation methods, Real Estate Investing Leads is here to help.

Marketing coaches and managers everywhere emphasize the importance of making phone calls and canvassing for new leads. It’s just a numbers game, right? But we all know how dreadfully awful cold calls can be! People are often short, misleading, or just plain rude on the phone. Cold calls can be discouraging. Don’t feel like the only way you can get the leads you need is by powering-through disturbing cold call conversations.

Outsourcing your lead generation to experienced professionals is the first step in mastering your marketing strategy. Real Estate Investing Leads has the strategies necessary to help you dominate your local market and keep your business ahead of the rest.

Real Estate Investor Marketing
Real Estate Investor Leads

Real Estate Investor Leads

Targeted marketing is important in most industries, but especially in real estate. Studies show that it is 3x more effective to sell or purchase property from a motivated individual rather than appealing to the public.

That is why successful real estate investors generate leads with precision. Any information on a possible seller is considered a lead, and the art of real estate is to find ways to generate as many useful leads as possible. Real Estate Investor Leads is adept at hunting promising assets, networking with other real estate professionals, and creating efficient lead generation strategies.

There are a few unique features we provides for our clients. We work specifically for experienced local investors who buy and hold property, buy-rehab-sell, or buy wholesale. Most importantly, we generate leads specifically for you. Unlike agencies that will sell you leads while simultaneously selling the same leads to your competitors, we generate leads explicitly for your usage.

We know how to pursue motivated sellers like beneficiaries who want to unload property they inherited, homeowners who are on the verge of foreclosure, couples who are divorcing, business partners who have experienced a falling-out, and many more driven individuals. Our lead generation strategies are second to none in the industry.

Most importantly, we aim to create lasting relationships with our clients. As a true performance-based partnership, our success depends directly on your accomplishments.

Investor Lead Generation

Did you know that during the 2016 presidential election each political campaign was spending, on average, a million dollars a day for Facebook advertisements? Why would they invest so much on social media?

Simply because it’s so effective. Social media has surpassed any other entertainment industry. According to several online ‘market watch’ agencies, Americans spend on average 11 hours a day reading, watching videos, and scrolling through their Facebook feed. With our smartphones and tablets in hand, we spend every ‘down’ moment of our lives on social media.

If you have not figured out a way to capitalize on social media marketing, your business is behind the times. That is why Real Estate Investing Leads targets Facebook users who need and want to sell their properties quickly. We send them a document where they can quickly fill out their information. Then we create a funnel site that immediately sends you an exclusive list of leads that is not shared with any other customer.

Studies show that clients who receive follow-up contact within minutes of filling out their information have a 60% greater chance of working with that investor. That is why, after your leads upload their information in the funnel site, our unique lead generation process uses proprietary software which automatically sends a follow-up text message from you. Our unique featured offerings also generate a ringless voicemail message and an email from you to your leads. That means they receive 3 different methods of communication from you with no added effort from your business.

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Lead Generation For Real Estate Investors

Here’s a news flash for you! Real estate investing is hard work! We have all heard the stories of people who flip houses and make millions, but rarely do we hear how most investors struggle. Many people don’t recognize the stamina it takes. The industry demands an investment of personal effort and lots of time. It can be as demanding as a full-time job.

Lead generation is one of those tasks which can become tedious and overwhelming. But in order to be a successful investor, you need a steady stream of leads. Without it, the profit systems you work diligently to put into place will fail.

Direct mail marketing, canvasing, and cold calls are three typical practices for generating leads. But these practices lack the precision needed for targeting motivated sellers. Plus, these practices require huge overhead costs. Think about the time and money necessary for designing, printing, and mailing flyers and pamphlets. And cold calls are discouraging and ineffective. The number one mistake that new investors make is wasting time. Your time is valuable. Be sure to use it wisely.

By partnering with Real Estate Investing Leads, you not only save time and money, but you also gain highly effective support so you can dominate your local market. Our clients demonstrate, on average, one deal per twenty leads that we generate for them. That’s due, in part, to our personalized policies. We cater our services to just one investor per unique territory. You can rest assured that we are always on your side, setting you above the rest.

How To Buy Investment Property

In the last year, only 15% of Americans own more property than their primary residence. To become an experienced investor is a big hurdle that requires commitment. There are many different ways to acquire investment properties. The goal for most investors is to diversify their property portfolio, which means you mitigate risk by investing in diverse assets, like a single-family home, multi-family properties, and commercial properties.

Without a properly balanced investment property portfolio, any fluctuation in the market will have you panicked. It is also important for investors to stay local. If you live in Montana but you buy property in Chicago, you will rely on the services of a property manager. Such services can quickly add up and eat into your profits. Diversify the types of property you invest in, but not the location.

Real Estate Investing Leads is a small agency that specializes in providing investors with personalized leads. With just one investor in each unique territory, we look to form long term relationships with our clients in order to watch them succeed. We have the skill and the mastery of a large corporation while maintaining the approachable nature of a much smaller agency.

Many investors fear that partnering with a lead generator may require a long-term commitment while not increasing their success. We are a performance-based company. That means our success depends on your success. Our commitment is made on a month to month basis so we can ensure that our partnership is beneficial. We fully understand and expect, you will not work with us our leads do not help maximize your return on investment.

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Buy Real Estate Investor Leads

Besides diversifying your investment property portfolio, it is crucial to scale your real estate investment business. Scaling your business will ensure that you can accommodate increasing expenses as your business goals grow.

When managing your investment business, it is important to keep in mind that property costs will continue to rise due to inflation. Plus, taxes, healthcare, and personal property expenses will steadily increase. How many assets an investor needs is a personal decision, but properly scaling your investments will help you mitigate risk while your business demands increase.

How do you diversify your property portfolio to scale without working 80 hours a week?

Real Estate Investing Leads helps you market in such a way as to diversify your portfolio while appropriately scaling your business. With our support, your business achieves more exposure and publicity without any added effort from you. Your responsibility is to simply sit back and answer the phone when clients call. Our services are appropriate for any sized company. We aim to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Real Estate Investment Properties

How many times have you seen a property advertisement on your drive home and wondered if the owner was motivated to sell? Without a secure way of managing leads, you leave these local properties for someone else to profit from.

The usual method for lead generation requires long hours of invested time for very little return. Don’t leave your business up to chance. You don’t have to waste valuable time, money, and energy on direct mail, canvassing, and cold calling to feel confident in your search for investment properties. Outsource your real estate investment property leads to professionals and feel confident that you can dominate your local market.

Just like any performance-based company, we aim to grow with you. Our clients demonstrate, on average, one successful investment per twenty leads that we generate for them. That’s why we are confident that our services can make you a lot of money. And as our system helps you secure more and more properties; you can invest in more leads. As a true partnership, our success depends on your success.

If you are an experienced real estate investor who wants to grow your business, don’t hesitate to call us today. We are here to answer any of your questions and get you on the path to success.