Distressed Seller Leads

Real estate investment leads are vital for growing your business. But more importantly that the contact information is whether or not the seller is motivated to sell. What good is a ton of leads if they do not result in a quick profitable transaction? You need leads that are itching to sell. That’s why we provide you with distressed seller leads. We are a small agency that works with experienced local real estate agents to help them scale their business. It is our mission to help you streamline the lead generation process. Many trainers and coaches push the idea that to be successful in real estate, you need to play the ‘numbers game.’ The more cold calls you make, the more mailers you send out, and the more flyers you distribute will result in a higher probability of a sale. This might be fundamentally true, but everyone knows how exhausting and degrading cold calls can be!

Mailers are expensive and flyers are wasteful. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on speaking with people who are not interested or are not motivated to sell. Let us help you find clients who need you as much as you need them.

Distress sellers are homeowners who require a quick solution. They may be in a financial crisis and facing pre-foreclosure. Some have experienced an uncomfortable divorce or a death in the family and they would appreciate a quick sale. They may own property that needs a lot of repairs and they just don’t have the means to take care of it. Others are being relocated by their jobs. Whatever the reason, distressed property leads are of sellers who are eager to sell and want a quick solution.

Several factors make Real Estate Investing Leads unique in the industry. The main being that we partner with one agent per unique territory. The leads we generate for you are specifically for you and not offered to your competitors. Other agencies sell leads indiscriminately to a large group of agents. We aim to be your growth partner and want to see you dominate your local territory.

distressed seller leads

Distressed Seller Lead Generation Services

There are many agencies out there that simply provide a long list of leads. But how is that helpful if everyone in your territory is contacting the same sellers? What good does it do to spend money on leads if you are one of many agents contacting the same people? That’s just not an efficient business strategy.

Another factor that makes Real Estate Investing Leads a unique agency is our ability to help you scale your business. That means we are a performance based partnership. As you grow, we grow. Our success directly correlates with your success. We not only want you to succeed, but we also want you to stand out.

We know that you will not continue to use our services if you do not maximize your investment. You can start small. We can help you develop a plan to scale your business. And with the money you make from the leads we provide, you can invest more money in leads. Our partners report a ratio of one sale per twenty leads we provide. It once again is a numbers game. The more money you invest in leads the more results you will have. We are not interested in selling you more leads than your current business can handle. Our skillful staff is here to help you scale your business for long term success.

We do not require a long commitment like some agencies do. We reassess month to month to reevaluate your needs. As mentioned before, we are only successful if you are successful. So we want to do everything in our power to ensure that we have a healthy partnership. There is no obligation to continue our services if you are not fully satisfied with our performance.

Part of being successful in real estate is learning how to invest wisely. That applies to your time and energy as much as it does your money. Don’t spend valuable time on humiliating and inefficient cold calls. Don’t waste your time partnering with an agency that is not directly invested in your success. And don’t waste money on leads that are simultaneously sold to your competitors. Make sure you are treated like a priority. Partner with Real Estate Investor Leads to ensure you maximize your investments.

Types Of Distressed Seller Leads

When generating distressed seller leads, we target certain types of property owners. We want to ensure that you are provided with leads who are just as eager to sell as you are to invest. A long list of contacts will mean nothing if they do not result in a sale. Distressed property leads will help you maximize your investment.

That is why the team at Real Estate Investor Leads targets individuals who need quick financial solutions. The possibility of a quick and profitable sale depends on finding the right seller at the right time. We have learned to narrow our focus to generate the most advantageous offers.

Many property owners find that they can no longer afford their homes. They are unable to make their mortgage payments and need to downsize quickly. They are motivated to sell because they do not want the mark of foreclosure on their record. Therefore, pre-foreclosure property owners are included in our distressed property leads.

Another type of property owner we include in our distressed seller leads is ‘upside down.’ That means they owe more on their property than the property is worth. Upside down situations are more common than you might think. It happens when a homeowner borrows against their home to solve other financial situations. Therefore, the loan they have on their house is actually greater than what the house is worth. Property owners often hope for a quick sale to an investor who is willing to negotiate with the lender. Upside down leads are eager for options.

Distressed properties, such as houses that cannot meet inspection requirements or require a lot of renovation, are included in the distressed seller leads we provide. Some property owners are unable to fix up their homes before they sell. This often happens when an elderly family member, who has lived in one home for a long time, has passed away. Then the relatives who have inherited the property can’t afford the renovations needed. They desire a quick sale to avoid paying any out of pocket costs for the property.

Whether it’s due to financial struggles, undesirable properties, or personal matters, all of our distressed seller leads have one thing in common. They want a fast solution and a quick sale. We like to consider how we are providing them a service as much as we are providing you one.

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Why Choose Distressed Seller Leads

Why Choose Distressed Seller Leads?

Think about your current lead generation strategies. Do you use cold calls to ask about potential property sales? If so, you spend a lot of time talking with people who don’t want to be bothered or who waste your time talking about irrelevant information. Do you send out mailers or print flyers? Paper advertisements have not only been proven to be an ineffective way to generate leads, but it is also wasteful and hard on the environment.

Don’t spend your time using outdated lead generation strategies like cold calls, direct mailers, or flyer campaigns. These strategies are time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. To be successful with real estate investments, you must use modern marketing strategies. Partnering with a distressed property lead generator is not only smart, but it’s also considered the new industry norm.

Most real estate investment lead generators provide the same work for all of their clients. What is the value of that? How can you stand out in your local market if your leads are the same that everyone else is given? Our partnerships are unique because of the close dedication we have with each of our clients. Because we limit ourselves to one partnership per unique territory, we have the ability to provide specialized attention and meet the needs of our individual clients. We customize leads to fit the scale and business assets of each of our agents. Don’t be treated as just another number.

Do you know that during the 2016 presidential election, campaigns were spending around a million dollars a day on social media adds? That’s because online marketing works! But online marketing is increasingly complex and confusing due to the growing social media platform. Some agents feel like they are unable to keep up with the latest marketing trends. You need a team of experts to help.

Real Estate Investor Leads provides much more than the contact information of distressed sellers. We provide built-in marketing support fit to scale. At Real Estate Investor Leads, we use Facebook advertisements to engage with distressed sellers. Don’t feel as if you have lost your edge. Maximize your lead generation by partnering with an agency that has experience providing leads that convert to profitable sales.

Our Process

Once you discover how easy it is to partner with Real Estate Investor Leads, you will question why you have not contacted us sooner. It is our mission to make successful lead generation very easy for you. You can relax while trusting your lead generation to a professional team.
The first step is to call us so one of our team members can assess how to scale our product to your business needs. We aim to create a long partnership, so it is not our goal for you to over-extend your marketing budget. Our performance based partnership directly ties your success to ours.

Once we have scaled our product to your business needs, our custom automated system provides your contact information to clients in three ways. Our system reaches your clients by voicemail, text message, and email. By using this proprietary technology, we increase contact with your clients by 60-70%.

With our system, when a troubled seller fills out contact information online, our automated system immediately sends you a copy of their information and they immediately receive your information. Studies show, when distressed property leads receive contact from an agent within minutes of their initial involvement, there is a 60% greater chance of a sale. If you still rely on cold calls, mailers, or flyer distribution you are unable to strike while the lead is still hot.

With our help, you are in contact with the most motivated sellers in your territory. With the right partnership, you can gain distressed property leads fast with no added effort on your part. You can scale your business to stay competitive in the fast-moving real estate industry.

Unlike most distress property lead generators, we do not require a long-term agreement. That means if you are not completely satisfied with our work, there are no fees and no out of pocket costs. You can simply end the partnership. What do you have to lose? Call us today to see how we can help you dominate your local real estate market.

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