Motivated Seller Leads

One of the most important skills a real estate investor must learn is how to find motivated sellers. A motivated seller is simply someone who is selling their property and they require a fast transaction. This can be due to multiple reasons. Some are in a financial crisis, some have experienced a traumatic event and need a change, and some are simply needing to move to another location quickly. No matter their reasoning, motivated sellers are the key targets for real estate investments. We are a small agency that helps real estate agents find motivated seller leads. Leads are only useful if they result in sales. There are a lot of outdated practices which can result in a high number of leads but a very low outcome of sales. A lot of effort for a few results is what causes real estate agents to become frustrated with the industry and burn out. Don’t use outdated practices that do nothing but exhaust you. Partner with a professional team to find your motivated seller leads.

Even with today’s technological advancements, some real estate agents still rely on cold calls, direct mailers, and flyer distribution. How are you to stay relevant in your field if you use outdated practices? These practices are not only overwhelming, but they are also costly, and ineffective. Don’t be left behind. Let’s explore why these practices are no longer useful.

How many of us have received a call from a solicitor at an inopportune time? It’s so frustrating. If there is a chance that you will annoy possible clients, how effective can cold calls be? Direct mail and flyers may be a little less irritating, but they still reach many people who are simply uninterested in selling their property. Why waste time designing and distributing advertisements that don’t end up in the right hands? Plus, paper advertisements are not only inefficient, but they are also wasteful.

If you want to dominate your local real estate market, you cannot use outdated practices to find motivated seller leads. You have to use the most cutting edge technology to put you ahead of the game. Partner with Real Estate Investor Leads to ensure that you remain competitive. Partnering with a professional motived seller leads distributor is not only considered good business, but it is also now the industry norm.

motivated seller leads
Motivated Seller Lead Generation Services

Motivated Seller Lead Generation Services

Just like any investment you make in your business, investing in motivated seller leads is only a smart business choice if those leads result in sales. Did you know that many motivated seller lead generators produce the same leads for all of their clients? So each client is left fending for themselves with the same leads that hundreds of other agents are using. How can that be effective?

The most effective business strategy is to develop a true partnership. One that is invested in your future. Real Estate Investor Leads is unique in that we hope to develop long-lasting relationships. We aim to, not only have you succeeded in business, but to have you dominate your local real estate market.

One strategy we use to help set our partners apart from other agents is to only collaborate with one agent per unique territory. This means that our partners are provided motivated seller leads exclusively generated for them and them alone. We are not interested in a large number of clients; we are determined to create long-lasting quality partnerships.

Don’t be left scrambling for the same leads that every other agent in your area is working with. Make sure you have the edge needed to propel you forward. Cold calls, direct mailers, flyers, and unsuccessful partnerships are all contributors to real estate agents burning out on the job. Take care of yourself and your business by developing lucrative strategies.

The caring team and Real Estate Investor Leads value our partnerships. We work agents to scale their business for long term growth. Plus, unlike many motivated sellers lead distributors, we do not require a long-term commitment. We reevaluate our commitment at the end of every month. There is no penalty for ending our relationship. If you are not fully satisfied with our services, we expect that you will not continue working with us. Don’t get trapped into paying for unsuccessful leads. Develop a satisfying and lucrative relationship with Real Estate Investor Leads.

Types Of Motivated Seller Leads

The advantage you gain from using motivated seller leads for investors is the ability to target a very specific population with your outreach. Outdated strategies, like cold calling, direct mailers, and flyer distribution, do not discern motivated sellers from any other seller on the market. Don’t waste time on hesitant property owners. There are ways to finely tune your search to produce leads with a high probability of a fast sale.

At Real Estate Investor Leads we are knowledgeable in how to locate the most motivated sellers. If leads are not motivated to sell quickly, they are virtually useless. We aim to provide you with leads for property owners who are just as eager to sell as you are to invest. As we facilitate the union of sellers with buyers, our services are just as helpful to the sellers as they are to investors.

Real estate success depends on finding the right people at the right time. Our searches focus on a few different categories of people. We focus on property owners who are hopeful for a very quick transaction. Distressed sellers are the most eager to pursue a quick sale.

Distressed sellers are simply property owners who are no longer able to keep their property. They desperately need to unload their property. There are many possible reasons why a property owner might need a quick sale. One example is the possibility of foreclosure. If a property owner is unable to make their mortgage payments, they want to sell fast before the ugly mark of foreclosure is forever on their record. The threat of pre-foreclosure qualifies someone as a motivated seller.

Another reason why a property owner may be targeted in our search for motivated seller leads is if they have experienced a traumatic event, such as a death in the family or an ugly divorce. Many property owners find themselves emotionally distressed by property that they inherit. They may want to sell quickly if they co-own a house with someone they have had a falling out with. Traumatic events often cause people to want to let go of property quickly.

Some property owners own property in perfectly fine condition, but they just need to move quickly. They may be moving due to a work transfer or perhaps they have already closed on another house. They are motivated to sell simply because they have someplace else to be.

The most common reason why people want to release property quickly is that they do not want to spend the time, energy, and money to renovate it before selling. Maybe their home does not meet inspections. Maybe the design of the house is outdated and they do not want to spend the time to make it more aesthetically pleasing. No matter the circumstances, properties that require a lot of renovations are included in motivated seller leads for investors.

We take all these scenarios, and many more, to consider while generating motivated seller leads. Our highly optimized automated system allows you to sit back, relax, and feel confident that you are in contact with the most motivated property owners in your territory.

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Why Choose Motivated Seller Leads?

What methods do you currently use for motivated seller leads? Do you make humiliating cold calls which are proven to be highly ineffective? Do you mail out costly advertisements that most likely end up in a landfill before they are fully read? Or do you spend hours plastering your local territory with flyers for the off chance it will catch someone’s eye?

Do you know that most real estate agents burn out in the first year of their opening their business? It’s true. This is a hard job. Not everyone has the stamina. One way to help protect yourself and your business is by making smart business choices. Partnering with a professional motivated seller lead generator is not only a smart business choice, but it is also the new industry standard. Don’t burn out by using outdated lead generation strategies. Team up with professionals who can put you ahead.

There are almost four billion social media users worldwide. Every one of us is engaging with our phones, laptops, and iPads more and more. Over ninety percent of social media participants engage with brands and businesses through online platforms. Plus, there are now more than fifty million businesses on Facebook alone. Clearly, the future is strongly trending in favor of social media marketing. But the world of social media is constantly changing and it’s often very confusing. Many real estate agents feel as if they don’t know how to keep up with technological changes.

Studies show that social media marketing is increasingly the best advertising strategy. Real Estate Investor Leads uses social media marketing to engage with motivated sellers in your area. Property owners, who are eager to sell, upload their information into our database. Their information is instantly sent to you as a motivated seller lead, while your information is simultaneously sent to them. Our automated system sends your contact information through three points of contact, text message, voicemail, and email. Studies show that this strategy increases your likelihood of a sale by 60-70%.

Our Process

When you learn how simple our process is, you will regret not partnering with Real Estate Investor Leads sooner. Don’t forget, we are here to ease the workload of local real estate agents. Our success is measured by your success. As your business grows, the opportunity for you to invest in more of our leads increases. More importantly, you can relax and trust knowing that you have partnered with an agency that knows how to find motived sellers in your real estate territory.

The first step is to call us to speak to our team of skilled agents. We can fit our services to scale and help you determine how many leads are appropriate for your business. Remember, we are interested in a long-lasting performance-based partnership. That means we will only benefit your success. We are not in the business to sell you as many leads as possible and overextend your finances.

Furthermore, we do not require a long term commitment or cancelation fee. As mentioned earlier, if you are unhappy with our services you are free to cancel at any time without penalty. Partnering with Real Estate Investor Leads is completely risk-free.

With no long term commitment and no cancelation fee, what do you have to lose? We are certain that our services will help your business maintain a competitive edge. Dominate your local market. Call us today to see how we can help find motivated seller leads in your real estate territory.