Probate Real Estate Leads

One of the most valuable skills a real estate investor can develop is lead generation. It’s not just enough to find property sellers, they must be motivated to sell. Long and drawn out transactions can bog down your business and sometimes prevent you from investing in other more lucrative properties. By partnering with a professional lead generator agency, like Real Estate Investor Leads, you can maintain the competitive edge you need in order to dominate your local market. Investing in probate real estate leads is a smart business choice, but it is only a good choice if those leads result in sales. Real Estate Investor Leads is a small agency that selectively supports experienced local investors. We aim to, not only find the most motivated sellers in your local area but to also help you scale your business for long term success.

There are a lot of outdated strategies to generate real estate investment leads. Some agents rely on cold calls and call every possible seller in their local area. But everyone knows that being solicited is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. Don’t run the risk of annoying possible clients. Cold calls are proven to be outdated and inefficient.

Even with today’s technology, some agents still depend on paper mail and flyers to reach out to possible sellers. How much time does designing and printing advertisements take? How much money do print and postage cost? All of this time, energy, and money are used in an indiscriminate method, meaning it is wasted on many people who are uninterested.

Your time, energy, and emotion are valuable. Don’t overextend yourself doing work that is time-consuming and ineffective. Allow a professional lead generator, like Real Estate Investor Leads, to direct the most eager sellers of your local real estate area your way.

We focus our search on distressed and motivated sellers. This means we search for sellers who meet certain criteria, such as pre-foreclosure, unattractive property, and sellers who have experienced a traumatic event like a divorce or a death in the family. Of those distressed sellers, we include probate real estate.

Probate real estate property has been inherited through a will. Many people who inherit property don’t wish to keep or maintain a second location. Therefore, they are eager for a fast transaction. Probate real estate leads are included in our services.

Probate Real Estate Leads

Probate Real Estate Lead Generation Services

Many probate real estate lead generation services focus on accumulating a large number of clients and require a long commitment with a cancelation penalty. They don’t worry about establishing a true performance-based partnership. Their focus is on quantity over quality.

Most disturbingly, many probate real estate lead generation services crank out a long list of leads but then sell the same list to all their clients! How is that effective? If everyone is left scrambling for the same potential sellers, how are you to stand out in your business?

The dedicated team at Real Estate Investor Leads does not consider that to be a true partnership. We are unique in our approach. Our focus is on one partnership in every unique territory. That means, the motivated seller leads, like probate real estate leads, we generate for your business are for your eyes only. Do be left to butt heads with every other agent in your area. Develop a true partnership with Real Estate Investor Leads in order to gain the competitive edge you need to dominate your local market.

Our fully automated system is designed to help you take the enormous responsibility of finding real estate leads off your shoulders. We engage with clients through social media marketing, and their contact information is immediately transferred to you. That means you can simply sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Plus, your contact information is simultaneously sent to motivated sellers through three points of contact; email, voicemail, and texts. This method increases your chance of a sale by 60-70%.

We are not interested in an endless number of clients. Our goal is to help you scale your business for long term achievement, and then to be there with you every step of the way. As a performance-based partnership, we recognize the more success you have the more you are able to invest in our leads. And, reversibly, if you are unhappy with our services, you will end your partnership. Like any true partnership, our success is directly tied to yours.

Partnerships are sometimes scary. How can you trust that you will see the return on your investment? With Real Estate Investor Leads, you have nothing to fear. Our partnerships are risk-free. That means that there is no long term agreement and no cancelation fee or penalty. If you are unhappy with our services, you are free to cancel at any time. Don’t get caught in an unhappy and expensive partnership. Real Estate Investor Leads only wants to save you time while making you money. What’s the harm in that?

Types Of Probate Real Estate Leads

As mentioned earlier, probate real estate is when ownership is transferred to someone or sold after the homeowner’s death. To be competitive in property investments, you must learn probate real estate acquisition. Many investors who acquire houses in probate find lucrative deals. However, not every real estate agent knows how to navigate the unique process require for probate deals. That means that probate real estate is only sought after by experienced agents.

You might ask, why would a real estate agent want a house in probate? Simply put, great deals can come out of probate real estate. Not everyone wants to inherit their deceased loved one’s property. In our search of motivated sellers, Real Estate Investor Leads include probate real estate leads. Let’s explore different types of probate real estate leads.

How many of us have visited the home of an elderly relative to finding it dirty, outdated, and in need of a lot of repairs? Elderly homeowners often lack the strength and energy to take care of their property. That means when they pass, their homes require a lot of tender loving care to make it an attractive house on the market. Many of the probate real estate leads we generate want to sell the home instead of dealing with the clean-up and renovation it requires it to be listed on the market.

Another type of probate real estate leads we generate are those who have a dispute over the inherited property. Wills can be challenged. And, unfortunately, when loved ones pass, we some times see the worst side of our relatives. Fights over inheritance are not uncommon, and they can be brutal. Some people would rather sell the property quickly rather than engage in a long drawn-out battle over who gets what. This eagerness to sell is one way a skillful real estate agent can capitalize on probate real estate.

Some probate real estate leads are simply looking for a fresh start. Losing a family member is a traumatic event with a lot of emotional baggage. Some people do not want to live in a home that is filled with memories. It’s a constant reminder of the lost loved one. And, why agonize over clearing out, cleaning up, and listing a home that hurts your heart? With probate real estate leads, you can identify hurting individuals who want to unload the property that causes them great distress.

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Why Choose Probate Real Estate Leads?

How do you expect to maintain a competitive edge in real estate if you rely on outdated strategies for lead generation? Are you cold calling sellers? Are you wasting time on designing mail advertisements and flyers that will mostly end up in a landfill, never read? In today’s fast moving, technological world there is no excuse for such outdated practices.

Studies show that the majority of real estate agents quit the business before completing their first year. Surprise, real estate investments are hard work! This is in large part due to burn out caused by inefficient practices. Don’t spin your wheels on ineffective practices. Gain your competitive edge through a professional partnership with a lead generation agency, like Real Estate Investor Leads.

Did you know there are approximately four billion people on social media worldwide? Of those four billion, over ninety percent use social media to communicate with brands and businesses. That means if you are not using social media as a marketing strategy, you are behind the times. Social media marketing is the future whether you like it or not.

That being said, many real estate agents feel lost when trying to market online. Social media platforms are everchanging and complex. Marketing online is a skill that takes time to develop. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We have you covered!

Real Estate Investor Leads uses Facebook to engage with motivated sellers in your area. Sellers upload their information into our online database and you instantaneously receive their information. Meanwhile, your information is transferred to them through three points of contact; voicemail, email, and text. Studies show when a motivated seller receives contact information within minutes of their outreach, the likelihood of a sale increases by 60-70%.

Probate real estate is time-sensitive. When a home is in probate, real estate agents must act fast. Our fully automated system takes the stress out of it. We allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy probate real estate lead information to flow to you. Our services will not only result in sales but will give you the competitive edge to control your local market.

Our Process

Partnering with Real Estate Investor Leads is simple and stress-free. Once you see how much time, energy, and money our partnership can save you, you will regret not signing with us sooner. We want to relieve you of the monotonous and soul-crushing work of lead generation. Our partner’s report one sale per twenty leads we provide. We are here to help you scale your business for long term success.

It’s so simple. Just call one of our friendly agents to discuss how we can fit our services to meet your needs. Keep in mind, our goal is to create a long-lasting performance-based partnership. We fully understand that you will not want to continue working with us if our leads do not result in sales.

With Real Estate Investor Leads, we do necessitate a long-term commitment or cancelation penalty. As stated above, if you are not fully satisfied with our services, you are free to end our partnership at any time with no fee. There is no obligation and no penalty. A partnership with us is entirely risk-free.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Pick up the phone and call us. We are confident that our services will give you the competitive edge you need to achieve market leadership! Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can help you find motivated sellers in your real estate territory.

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