Wholesale Real Estate Investment Leads

Wholesale real estate investment leads are an important tool for any successful real estate agent. Wholesale real estate is when an investor buys an unattractive property intending to sell it to someone else who wants to renovate it. Distressed properties are ideal for wholesale opportunities because the owner is often eager to sell at a discounted price.

Real Estate Investor Leads is a small agency that works in real estate markets to provide local agents leads that result in a quick sale. Wholesale real estate lead generation is only successful is if the leads result in sales. Don’t waste your valuable time, energy, and money on inefficient and unsuccessful lead generation strategies. Partner with a professional team to help streamline the process.

Many real estate agents put too much importance on outdated practices, like cold calls, direct mailers, and distributing flyers. Not only are these strategies expensive and time-consuming, in today’s fast-paced market, but they also don’t work. Let’s take a closer look at why these strategies are archaic.

Some real estate agents start with a list of phone numbers. Then they work down the list, calling each number with a script to read when someone answers the phone. If someone answers the phone, they, more often than not, don’t want to have a random conversation with a real estate agent. Even if they are motivated to sell their property, they feel inconvenienced. Not to mention, with today’s cellphone usage, most people screen their calls. So agents who make cold calls typically have to leave a message and wait for someone to call them back. Cold calls can irritate clients and can cause you to waste time with no results.

Direct mailer and flyer campaigns are similarly inefficient. You spend your time designing and organizing your advertisement and it only reaches a few sellers who may not be motivated to sell. In today’s electronic world, it is vitally important for you to stay relevant. Partnering with a wholesale real estate lead generator not only makes good business sense, but it is also now the industry norm.

Wholesale Real Estate Investment Leads
Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation Services

Wholesale Real Estate investment Leads Generation Service

Remember, spending money on leads only makes financial sense if those leads result in quick sales. Many lead generation services crank out wholesale real estate leads and send them to all their clients. At Real Estate Investor Leads, we do not consider this type of work to be a true partnership. How can these leads be helpful if everyone in your local territory has the same list? That is not a good business strategy.

Real Estate Investor Leads aims to create long-lasting partnerships. We don’t want you to just make some successful sales, we want you to dominate your local market. That is why we work with only one partner per unique territory. We generate wholesale real estate leads for your eyes only.
Don’t be undervalued. Don’t become just another number on a long list of local real estate agents who work from the same leads. Studies show that this practice frustrates many real estate agents. Real estate is only successful if you learn to invest wisely. Don’t be tricked into thinking that all lead generation agencies are the same.

Real Estate Investor Leads is a small agency. We work on a performance partnership, which means our success is directly related to your success. Why would you keep investing in our leads if they do not work for you?

Our skillful staff is here to help you maximize your investment. Depending on the current size of your business, our services can start small. Our clients inform us that our leads result in one sale per twenty leads. Lead generation is a numbers game and the more success you have, the more leads you will want to buy. Our team helps you scale your business for long term success.

Unlike other agencies, with us, there is no long-term commitment. There are no hidden fees. And no penalty for canceling our services. Simply put, if you are unhappy with our product you are free to quit at any time. Our goal is to ensure that we have a healthy partnership so we expect that you will end our agreement if you are not fully satisfied with our performance.

Investing your time and energy wisely is just as important as managing your money. Cold calls can be humiliating and disappointing. Don’t tax yourself emotionally on inefficient and outdated practices. And don’t waste your time with a wholesale real estate generation agency that does not prioritize your needs. The committed team at Real Estate Investor Leads allows you to maximize your investment while dominating your local territory.

Types of Wholesale Real Estate Investment Leads

We focus on certain categories of property owners when we generate distressed seller leads. Again, lead generation can be highly inefficient if they are not sourced properly. We ensure that you are provided with the most eager sellers in your area. They are just as eager to sell as you are to invest. We hope, that in facilitating a match between eager sellers and investors, we are providing sellers with a valuable service as well.

We target individuals who are in need of a quick sale. Our sourcing strategies narrows our focus for the most beneficial offers. It all depends on finding the right people at the right time. Distressed sellers seek quick sales.

Distressed sellers are those individuals who no longer can or want to keep their property. They want to get out from under it quickly for various reasons. Some of those reasons include financial difficulties. If a seller cannot afford to pay their mortgage payment, insurance, and utilities they need to sell quickly before reaching the point of foreclosure. Pre-foreclosure property owners are included in our wholesale real estate investment leads.

Some property owners find themselves ‘upside down.’ They, unfortunately, owe more on the property than it is worth. This happens more often than you might think. Some property owners borrow against their homes when they need money for other financial situations. They may have expensive medical bills or needed a car? Whatever their reasoning, they now owe more on their home than it is worth. These property owners are motivated to sell to an investor who is willing to negotiate with their lender. So up-side-down property owners are considered motivated leads.

The most common are properties that need a lot of renovation. This includes homes that cannot meet home inspections or have been rented by trouble tenants. Sometimes elder family members don’t have the strength to clean or maintain their homes, and then they pass on the property with a lot of renovation needs. For multiple reasons, some homeowners are unable to renovate their property before they sell it. And they surely cannot keep paying mortgage payments, insurance, and utilities on a home they already can’t afford. In these situations, they often look for a quick sale.

Other distressed sellers simply want to sell their property for personal reasons. They may have experienced a traumatic event, such as a death in the family or a divorce, or they may be relocated for work. They are eager to sell because they have another place to be. Whatever their reasons are, distressed sellers want a fast sale and a quick solution for their property.

Real Estate Investor Leads has a streamlined process that can generate the wholesale real estate investment leads that your business needs. Call us today to find out how partnering with us can help your business gain the leverage it needs to dominate your local real estate market.

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Why Choose Wholesale Real Estate Investment Leads?

What are your current lead generation strategies? Do you rely on outdated methods like cold calls? Do you waste a lot of your time, energy, and money talking with people who sound somewhat interested in what you have to say but don’t act fast? Do you send out wasteful mailers or flyers which end up in the landfill, barely having been read?

Many real estate agents burn out within the first year of their work. Studies show their burn out is, in large part, due to these outdated practices which are inefficient and exhausting. Your time, energy, and emotions are valuable resources for your business. Don’t squander them. Protect yourself by partnering with a wholesale real estate investment leads generator who is committed to your success.

Real estate investment lead agencies, that focus on having a large number of clients rather than quality partnerships, hand out the same work leads to all their clients! How is that helpful? When everyone is racing for the same leads, how can you stand out in your local market? Real Estate Investor Leads is a small agency that is successful because we maintain long term relationships with our clients. We provide specialized attention and customize leads to fit our client’s needs. We have a unique, streamlined strategy to help you maximize your investment.

Can you guess what the main presidential campaign strategy of 2016 was? I’ll give you a hint, it was not cold calling or flyers, it was social media marketing. Each campaign was spending an average of one million dollars a day on social media advertisements. Why? Because it works!
Social media marketing is becoming increasingly more frustrating and complicated. Many real estate agents feel like they can’t keep up with the trend. Don’t worry. That is why we are here. By partnering with us, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your phone to ring! That’s right. You don’t have to initiate any contact. We do it for you!

At Real Estate Investor Leads, we use an online automated system to target distressed sellers. Motivated individuals upload their contact information online, and through our automated system, you receive a copy instantaneously. Our system also sends your information immediately through three forms of contact; voicemail, text, and email. This increases your chance of a sale by 60-70%.

Our Process

Our process is so easy, you will kick yourself for not partnering with us sooner. Remember, our main goal is to make your job easier and more successful. Our progress is directly correlated to your achievements. You can let go of all the stress and hard work and let our professional team take care of it.

One of our professional team members will help you scale your business to achieve long term success. We are not trying to sell you as many leads as possible. It is not in our best interest to overtax you. We aim to scale our product to meet your business needs. As a performance-based partnership, you success is our success.

Of course, our services do not require any long term commitment or cancelation fee. We reassess your needs every month to make sure you are happy with our services. If you are not fully satisfied, we expect that you will cancel our agreement.

With no penalty or cancelation fee, what do you have to lose? Give us a call today so we can help you dominate your local real estate territory.

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